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450 Ch De Gaspé, CP98, Bromont, Québec, J2L 1A9

June 20 – 22, 2014

Rating: ADS, EC CAI 2* (CAI-B)
FEI qualifying event and selection trial
Canadian National Championship

Use Event Provided Entry Form


Entries Open: March 30 Entries Closed: May 30
Method of Accepting Entries: First come first served
Special Qualifications: Must use event entry form. Note: American drivers in FEI classes must have USEF permission to compete abroad.
Levels/Divisions: Training, Preliminary, Intermediate, FEI
Classes: Singles, Pairs, Tandems, Unicorns and Four-in-hands for Horses, Ponies and VSE
Prize List? Yes, from Alexandra Hill, available on February 17th, 2014
Organizer(s): Roger Deslauriers; 450 Ch De Gaspé, CP98, Bromont, Qc, Canada, J2L 1A9 H: 450-534-0787; Fax: 450-534-0417; e-mail: driving@internationalbromont.org
Secretary: Alexandra Hill, 450 Ch De Gaspé, CP98, Bromont, Qc, Canada, J2L 1A9; H: 450-534-0787; e-mail: driving@internationalbromont.org
Mail Entries to: Secretary


President of the Jury: Dr. Klaus Christ (GER); Ground Jury: Marsoe Larose (CAN); Martha Hanks-Nicoll (USA); Technical Delegate: Richard Papen (BEL); Course Designer: Richard Nicoll (USA); Veterinarian: Yves Rossier; Phone: 450-577-1278; EMT Service: TBA


Entry/Class Fees: T= $200; P/I= $250; FEI= $300; Post Entry Fees: $50; Entry Fee Refund Policy: with doctor certification and/or Veterinarian’s letter – before closing date, full refund. After closing date, full refund less $ 50. Stall Fee: $175 (Bedding NOT included); Stall Deposit: None; Stall Refund Policy: same as Entry fee policy. Other Fees: Camping grounds fee: $130 for the event; Competitors party $35 / person (advanced reservation requested); Drug test: Training and prelim= $3.50/horse; Intermediate= $7/ horse, FEI=$45/horse All taxes included. Make Checks Payable to: Bromont International Driving

Tentative Schedule

Stable Opens: Wed. June 18th at 9:00 am; Secretary’s Office Opens: Wed. June 18th at 1:00 pm; Horse Inspection: Thursday June 19th at 1:00 pm (for all divisions); Course Walk and Briefings: Thurs. June 19th at 5:00 pm; Presentation at the halt (Training and Preliminary only): Fri. June 20th 8:00; Dressage: Fri., June 20th, 8:30AM; Marathon: Sat., June 21st; Cones: Sun., June 22nd; Social Events: Wine and cheese welcome: Thurs, June 19th, 6:30 pm, Competitors’ dinner: Sat. June 21st 6:30 PM;


Test(s): Training: ADS #2; Preliminary ADS #6 (single/pairs) #5 (tandem/unicorn/fours); Intermediate ADS #7; FEI single horse and pony FEI #9 (2009); FEI pair and four-in-hands ponies FEI #10 (2009); FEI Pair and four-in-hands Horses #11 (2012);
Ring/Warm-up area Footing: Sand / Grass


Terrain: Rolling hills, woods, open fields, grass / dirt road, bridge & water crossing
Level: Train. 3 Sections; max. 12 km; max. 5 obstacles/max. 3 gates
Level: Prelim. 3 Sections; max. 14 km; max. 6 obstacles/max. 5 gates
Level: Interm 3 Sections; max. 15 km; 6 -7 obstacles / max. 5 gates
Level: FEI; A B Sections; max 15 km; 6 - 7 obstacles / max. 6 gates


Ring/Warm-up area Footing: Sand / Grass
Minimum clearances by class and vehicle width – EC article 973.1.6
Maximum speeds by class and turnout – see EC article 975.9.5

Other Information

Veterinary/Health Requirements: Negative Coggin no older than January 1st, 2014. US horses: Each horse entering Canada from the USA must be tested with negative results for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), using
either the AGID or ELISA test, within 6 months of entry into Canada (see further note below), and requires an original US Origin Health Certificate (VS FORM 17-145) certifying the date of EIA test and that the horse was inspected and found healthy within 30 days of entry into Canada. Be sure to use the US Origin Health Certificate as opposed to the Interstate Health Certificate. The VS FORM 17-145 is issued by an accredited veterinarian and must be endorsed by the USDA veterinarian in the state of origin. Horses can enter Canada from the USA at any port of entry. Your health certificate is inspected and released by Canada Border Services Agency officers (Canada Customs). They frequently keep a copy – so photocopy 1 or 2 extra copies. Keep a copy of your health certificate so you can return to the USA. The VS FORM 17-145 is valid for up to 90 days for return to the USA provided the horse has been at recognized exhibitions/competitions in Canada during the entire stay and provided that the EIA test is still valid, i.e. the horse must have been tested within 6 months of the date of return to the USA. Paperwork for horses returning to the USA within 30 days of entering Canada are inspected and released by US Customs officers. Only horses returning to the USA after a stay of over 30 days in Canada must be inspected by a USDA veterinarian at the port of entry to the USA
Special Award: For Canadian Only: 2nd edition of the Canadian Driving Championships (prelim/Inter)
Stabling Information: perm stables with 80 stalls of 10’x10’, plus portable tents
Driver/Groom twice around allowed on marathon? Subject to scheduling, drivers/grooms may compete twice if information is included with entry. See EC Article 943.2 Equine Cana rules, Section H – Combined Driving (free download) – available in both English and French. www.equinecanada.ca. Short listing of EC-ADS rule differences supplied to all competitors.
Food Available on the Grounds: Yes from June 19th to June 22nd, 2014
Accommodations: http://internationalbromont.org/hebergement.shtml
Camping On Grounds: Yes $130 for the event
Camping Off Grounds: Yes www.campingvacancesbromont.com or www.duvillagebromont.com or www.campingbromont.com
Directions to Bromont International: From Montreal and Sherbrooke (50 minutes):Highway 10, exit 78, then follow directions to Parc Equestre below
From Quebec City (2 hours 45 minutes):Highway 20, exit 141, Route 137 via Granby.Follow directions for Highway 10 toward Sherbrooke. Exit 78, then follow directions to Parc Equestre below
From Highway 87:Highway 87 N to Canada, Stay on the 15 N, Take exit 42 to merge onto QC-30 E/Route 30 E, Take exit 109 for QC-10 toward Sherbrooke, Exit 78, then follow directions to Parc Equestre below
From Highway 91: Highway 91 N to Canada, Continue on Route 55 N, Take exit 34-O for QC-10 OB toward Montréal, Merge onto Route 10 E, Exit 78, then follow directions to Parc Equestre below
To Parc Equestre: From Highway 10, exit 78, follow Boulevard de Bromont south 2.1 km to Rue de Montreal on right. Travel 1.0 km to T junction. Turn left on Chemin de Gaspe for 3.1 km. Parc Equestre is on your right.