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 Competition has been an integral part of the ADS from its early beginnings, as listed in the Certificate of Incorporation dated December 5, 1975.   


The ADS has several Championships and Award Programs that recognize members for their efforts in competition: The North American Championships, Calculated Championships for both Preliminary and Intermediate, ADS Youth Championships for Pleasure, Combined Driving and Recreational Driving, and the ADS Driven Dressage Awards.


Links on the right will assist you to navigate to the manner of competition you want more information on, be it Combined Driving, Dressage or Pleasure Driving, as well as supporting documents for members in competition.

The American Driving Society, Inc. Code of Sportsmanship 


Our sport of Carriage Driving has the valuable reputation of being welcoming to all, a sport where the welfare of the horse is foremost, and the thrill is in the partnership with our equines (regardless of the results). Protecting these ideals is of paramount importance to the health of driving.


In order for the sport of driving to prosper, our expectation is that every participant knows the rules, plays fairly, graciously accepts the final results, and always conducts themselves in a composed manner. It is the duty of all to behave in a manner that creates a positive environment.


Therefore, any infringement of the common principles of good behavior, fairness or good sportsmanship will result in disciplinary action. Sportsmanship infractions include, but are not limited to, the following:


a) Abusive, or intimidating language at ADS Recognized Events.

b) Refusal to accept Officials’ final decisions.

c) Intentional circumventing of the rules.

d) Unsafe behavior while on event grounds.

e) Damaging land or property.

f) Actions detrimental to the welfare of the horse.

g) Negative interaction with volunteers.

h) The use of social media, or any public platform, to personally attack the character or reputation of fellow competitors, organizers, volunteers, or Officials.


We all have a duty to each other and to our sport to display good sportsmanship.


When our members display good sportsmanship, it not only makes driving more enjoyable for all, but presents a positive impression of the driving community to the general public.


Let us always do the right thing for our equine companions, our sport, and our fellow ADS members.