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 The Education Committee produces information for people involved in the sport of driving at all levels. This material may take many forms: written documents, articles in our publications, materials on our website and other electronic platforms, videos and webinars. Our membership’s interests include recreational and competitive driving.          

While the primary task is to educate our membership, material is produced to educate and inform the general public about driving methods, safety, and events.
The Education Committee works in cooperation with the Licensed Officials Committee to support ADS Licensed Official's education. The Education Committee coordinates and facilitates projects with other ADS committees.

An important part of the ADS Mission is to produce material to encourage new drivers. Safe practices and safety consciousness are paramount, especially when driving in a group situation.

Educational literature produced is appropriate for distribution to driving clubs, breed partner organizations, pony clubs, 4-H Clubs, and any persons or groups interested in driving equines to vehicles. The Education Committee is available to help Member Clubs and other ADS Committees in the development and distribution of educational material.

The New to Driving section of the library is open to the public. The rest of the library, except that designated for ADS Licensed Officials, can be accessed by logging in as a member.

Material contained in the ADS Education Library has been produced and copyrighted by the ADS for the use of ADS members and ADS Member Clubs. Photos and illustrations are used with permission of either the photographer or designer expressly for use in these documents, and not for inclusion in other new material. Documents copyrighted by the ADS in this library may be shared in ADS Regional Club newsletters, and must be credited to the ADS. Distribution of any of these materials without credit to the ADS or by anyone who is not an ADS member is prohibited.