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ADS Members and ADS Member Clubs are eligible to apply to ADS for carriage sport educational grants through The Hoopes-Addis Educational Trust using the ADS Grant Request Application. 501-c3 entities may apply on their own using the Open Grant Request Application.

All applicants must represent a 501-c3 entity requesting funds for carriage sport educational purposes only. Applicants applying through The American Driving Society, Inc. (ADS) must be current ADS members in good standing, or clubs in good standing if applying for funds for a club. Funds may be used for such things as instructor’s fees and other expenses related to the educational experience, i.e. printed materials and development of instructive video or photographic materials. Other items may be eligible for funding and if applied for will be considered on an individual basis.

Trust funds are not intended to serve the individual, but to reach a diverse audience of those interested in carriage driving. Topics such as safety, equine communication, and good horsemanship are encouraged.

It is the Trustees’ responsibility to determine if requests are appropriate to the mission of The Hoopes-Addis Education Trust, and their decisions are final.